Taking Orders

We are pleased to announce that Friday, September 30, we will begin to take orders at Woodworking In America (WIA) and online.  There will be a product reservation page for you to select the planes that you would like to order.  This reserves your position in the production schedule, which will be filling up quickly.

Be notified as soon as we release the pricing – subscribe to our newsletter using the box in the left column.  Once we open the floodgates, every minute will count!

Here is what we will be offering:

  • Pair of #6 Hollows and Rounds;
  • Pair of #8 Hollows and Rounds;
  • 3/4″ Rabbet Planes;
  • Set of 3 (pair of #6 Hollow and Round Planes and a 3/4″ Rabbet Plane);
  • Set of 3 (pair of #8 Hollow and Round Planes and a 3/4″ Rabbet Plane); and
  • Complete package of 5 planes.

Woodworking In America Marketplace: September 30 – October 1

Last week, we shipped our sample moulding planes to our hotel in Cincinnati and, Wednesday morning, Chris and I will start our journey to meet them.  Thursday, we will be setting up in the same booth as The Hand Tool School booth and its founder, Shannon Rogers.  Our booth has a great location – right next to the big Lee Valley booth and among all the other top hand tool companies.  Here is a floor plan provided by the show organizers.

Floor Plan for Woodworking in America Marketplace (2011)

The Marketplace opens Friday at 9 am and runs until 6 pm.  While the other vendors will be getting ready to leave for the day, Shannon Rogers, my partner Garth and I will be setting up a camera for a live Q&A session with students of The Hand Tool School.  If you’re a member of The Hand Tool School, tune in at 6:30 pm Eastern Time (3:30 pm Pacific Time).

Saturday, the Marketplace runs from 9 am until 6 pm.  Then our focus will shift to packing up the booth.  We return home Sunday to prepare for production.