Walk into the shop of a Hand Tool School member and you’ll notice that the workbench is the focal point of the shop instead of a tablesaw.  Your feet crunch shavings instead of slippery sawdust.  The tools at work produce soothing sounds instead of a scream.  It’s like you’ve walked through a portal into an era bygone.  Those of us who visit our shops to escape the frantic pace of life in the 21st Century are time travellers.

To celebrate and share our craft, our common bond, we have added a new page to our website.  Travellers’ Gallery is dedicated to photos showing your work (in-progress or complete) in which our tools have helped.  Each Traveller who chooses to participate will receive a page which will display his/her photographs and notes.

To begin, we would like to see photographs of everyone’s first mouldings – there is something special about that first moulding you stick, regardless of how it turns out.  It’s a symbol of another step towards being a woodworker capable of anything.  Let’s record it here.  Email your photographs (800×600 pixels is preferable) and any notes (comments) you may have to:


For an idea of how your gallery will look, have a look at these samples:
Chris W. – British Columbia, Canada
Shannon R. – Maryland, US