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Now that the holiday season has come and gone, hopefully you’ve had a chance to catch up and settle down a little. At the end of November, we opened Travellers’ Gallery – a section of this website devoted to showcasing the talent of our customers.  We want to see what you can do! To build the Gallery, we are hosting a contest!  There will be two ways to enter and there will be two different prizes.

Prize #1:  Customized Maker’s Stamp

The first prize is an Customized Maker’s Stamp, with which you can mark your work and tools (moulding planes, for example). To enter, simply take a picture (or more) showing what you have done with our tools and e-mail the photo(s) to: travellersgallery@timewarptoolworks.com.  It can be as simple as a single moulding or fully completed project.  You can also include some comments or notes if you like.  (If you have any questions about setting up your planes, drop me an e-mail:  chris@timewarptoolworks.com.)

Prize #2:  Sets of 4 Bench Dogs

The second prize is a Set of Four Time Warp Wooden Bench Dogs for two lucky winners.  If you were at Woodworking in America in 2011, you know what these are about.  Yes, these nice dogs are friendly to your tools in ways that steel or brass can never be.  Just ask Shannon Rogers. For the chance to win, simply leave a comment on someone’s Travellers’ Gallery page.  Each page you leave a comment on earns you an entry, so have a look at each page and check back to see new work as it is added.  Please say something more than just, “nice work”, or “good job”. We will pick one winner at random for each prize.  You may enter for both prizes.  The contest closes March 31, 2012.

Check out the Travellers’ Gallery!

Queen Anne Tea Caddy by Dave B.