Garth: Let’s Make Moulding Planes!

Time Warp Tool Works was started when my friend Garth Schafer, a member of The Hand Tool School, came to me with an idea.  He saw that one of the lessons in the upcoming semester was focused on creating mouldings using moulding planes and he knew that there was a shortage of good moulding planes readily available.  That was our opportunity and we jumped on it.  That was two years ago and, as they say, the rest is history. I’m always keeping my eyes and ears open for new opportunities.  Here are a few that have recently appeared which may be of interest to you.

Win a Restored Hand Plane from Shannon Rogers

Shannon Rogers of The Renaissance Woodworker and The Hand Tool School recently recorded a video showing how he cleans and tunes up planes for coarse work.  He also makes his case for going this route, rather than buying them brand new.  Since he apparently doesn’t need any more planes, he is giving away the two hand planes he worked on in the video.  Leave him a comment explaining how one of the planes would be useful in your next project before September 9 for a chance to win one.

Win a hand plane restored by Shannon.

Win Surplus Tools and Accessories from My Shop

Over on my other blog, I have been giving away excess tools and accessories.  Most recently, I gave away a Sander Sitter accessory for a random orbit sander and in the past I have given away items like a dovetail saw, air cleaner and saw set – things that I  no longer have a use for in my shop.

Watch my blog at for more Overflow giveaways.

Work with Marc Spagnuolo on Team Wood Whisperer

Earlier this week, a unique opportunity popped up – the chance to work with Marc Spagnuolo on the Wood Whisperer site.  The requirements of the position aren’t fixed and will be adapted to what you have to offer.  You have until September 6 to submit your application.

Complete an application form to work with Marc.