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Last night at #Woodchat on Air, I, along with fellow plane maker, Scott Meek, and Shannon Rogers of The Hand Tool School, talked about and demonstrated the events which will be at the Hand Tool Olympics, part of Woodworking in America October 18-20 in Covington, Kentucky.  We spent the first hour of the show covering the Olympics, then went into overtime talking about other woodworking stuff.

What I found most interesting was our discussion about the wear on tools, especially plane soles, which starts around the 1h09m mark when Shannon made a comment about his Scott Meek block plane with an apple sole.

In Brief

When I asked Shannon how his TW2 moulding planes were holding up, he told me that the soles, despite being well-used, were “perfectly fine” and had not needed to be tuned up or adjusted at all and that “the corner [of his rabbet plane] has not broken down one bit.”

Scott added that “any wear and tear on the sole of a wood plane isn’t coming from use; it’s coming from misuse.”

#Woodchat on Air

Pressing play on the video below will start it at the beginning with an hour of Hand Tool Olympics.  You can click on the progress bar to manually advance the video to the part you want to watch.

Alternatively, this link will take you to directly to the part where we begin discussing wear on plane soles.