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Last year, we introduced scrapers engraved with your initials.

This year, we are excited to announce that we are now offering custom engraving for your other tools.

This video introduces this new service and explains a little about the engraving process.

Features of our engraving:

DEPTH.  The engravings are deep so they feel great under your fingertips and will never fade due to wear.

WE CAN DO THAT.  Soft cast iron?  Hardened tool steel?  Round surfaces?  No problem.  Since all our work is done by hand with carbide or diamond tools, there are no limits.

DONE BY HAND.  Everything is 100% hand done.  Just like your woodwork, every step relies on the experience and skill of the craftsperson.  No automation is involved.

VARIABLE DETAIL.  Some tools lend themselves to simple, bold designs while others beg for more detail.  Most of our engraving is done with some degree of magnification, often using a microscope for the finer details.

What to engrave?

Many shoulder planes offer a big, blank canvas for engraving.  A finely machined surface provides a clean-looking backdrop for a crisp, modern look.

Shoulder Plane

Adding your monogram is the perfect way to personalize your favourite smoother and it only adds to the story of the plane.  The new engraving looks right at home on the aged wing of this plane.

#4 Bench Plane

Since hardened and stainless steel is no problem, we can customize plane blades, chisels, handsaw plates and more!

Engraved Blade

Simple flourishes transform an ordinary pair of dividers into a show piece worthy of any  tool chest.  In this case, the engraving penetrates the black finish and reveals the steel beneath, resulting in a stunning contrast.


Choose from an existing pattern, or create something original!  Transform an ordinary tool into something extraordinary.  A customized tool make the perfect gift for anybody.

Framing Hammer

Let’s get started!

What do you have that you’d like to have engraved?  If you know exactly what you want done, let us know and we’ll prepare a quote for you.  If you need some help with a design, we can help you with that, too.

Send us an e-mail with as much information as you can provide.  Pictures of the designs you like and tools you want engraved can be helpful, too.