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For years, woodworkers from all over have chosen to equip their workbenches with our famous Wooden Bench Dogs. They appreciated that the dogs always stayed where they were left – they never dropped through the bench onto the floor. They also appreciated the gentleness of the ash dog bodies that would provide ample strength to immobilize a workpiece, yet bow to the steel edge.

I, personally, have trimmed off the tops of my dogs on numerous occasions and customized others to hold odd shapes, or even to act as a mini-mitre box when I was doing some inlay. I have been using them since we introduced them in 2011 and not one has been retired.

Better than Ever

In our effort to continue to improve our products, we are proud to introduce our third generation of Wooden Bench Dogs. As always, they are finely crafted and carefully assembled in our own facilities, then hand-inspected before shipment. Here are the details that make our dogs the best available:

  1. Our dogs are tough. We select only the finest ash, chosen for its strength and flexibility.
  2. Our dogs stay put. A spring-loaded catch applies light pressure in the 3/4″ diameter dog hole to keep it at the height you set it at, while allowing easy adjustments.
  3. Our dogs make your work stay put. Their faces are slightly bevelled inwards so that when pressure is applied, they work to keep your workpiece firmly on the bench.
  4. Our dogs are strong. The flat faces of the dogs are cut in the quartersawn surfaces for maximum strength.
  5. Our dogs are long. Their 5″ overall length means that their tails protrude below the surface of your workbench, making it easy to rotate, raise, lower or remove them from the bottom of the bench.

Click here to order a Set of Four 3rd Generation 5″ Wooden Bench Dogs.

What Else?

We have discontinued our 3″ Wooden Bench Dogs but have a limited quantity of our first generation dogs.

Got a New Workbench?

Soon we will be offering a kit containing everything needed to easily and accurately add round dog holes to your workbench! Subscribe to our blog for all the latest news. And use our Product Suggestion form if you have an idea for a product you think we should make. And, as always, thanks for your support!