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A good workbench is a necessity for working with hand tools and dogs make it easy to keep your workpiece from moving around on the bench. To take advantage of our 3/4″ Wooden Bench Dogs, you simply have to use a 3/4″ diameter bit in your drill and bore holes spaced at regular intervals, or wherever a dog might be useful, right?

Not so fast.

When I drilled the holes in my bench, I found out that the seemingly-simple task was not so easy after all (Garth learned the same lesson). Despite sighting along a pair of squares, my holes weren’t perpendicular. Also, the Forstner bit I used wandered a bit, making some holes wavy. Sure they were 3/4″ in diameter all the way down, but since the dogs aren’t rubber, they didn’t fit in all the holes. My success rate was not very good. To get the dogs in, I planed a little material off of the backs of the dogs and custom-fit a dog to each hole.

How to Drill Perfect Dog Holes

To address all the issues I experienced, we developed the EasyDog Hole Kit to allow you to bore perfect dog holes. The kit includes a complete set of instructions detailing the procedure to make a jig for repeatable dog hole spacing along the bench as well as a spiral router bit and a dozen of our Wooden Bench Dogs. To use this kit, you need a plunge router with a 1/2″ collet.

1 Bit Dog Kit

Got Roubo?

For those of you with massive benches with tops over 2″ thick (up to 6″), we have built a special kit with the same components as the above kit, plus a top-of-the-line auger bit (with a 7/16″ hex shank).

2 Bit Dog Kit

Check out our kits on our EasyDog Hole Kit page.