Last week at the end of my post, Hey, What do you think Makes them cut? Part 2, I quoted from an old movie I love;

“but I am getting better and better every day!”

And the note after the quote;

P.S. You probably have to be 50+ to the get joke reference in the last line (hint: line from a movie). Give me your guesses/answers of what the movie title is in the comments and I will draw from the correct answers for a prize!

Sorry to say that I did not receive a correct answer to my quiz, it was a tough one. Here is the answer;

1963, “The Pink Panther”, Inspector Clouseau has driven his boss, Chief Inspector Dreyfus to being locked up in a mental institution. Clouseau goes to visit Dreyfus at the institution and asks him how he is. The answer, “I am getting better and better every day!” (with a crazed look in his eyes) as he plots to kill Clouseau. (In the “Return of The Pink Panther”)

Why do I remember this after all these years? Many times in my life I have been driven to the point of crazyness (kids, work, shop, wife, etc.) and always remembered this scene and been able to laugh things off after looking at it with an outside prospective. Humour has saved me many times in many situations.

My message for the week, learn to laugh at yourself, you will live longer!