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A few months ago during an episode of #Woodchat on Air, Garth & I met Mark Hicks of Plate 11 Bench Co. After the show, we came to an agreement that saw Mark become the first vendor of our Wooden Bench Dogs.

Mark told us about the growing demand for Roubo style benches with their thicker tops, requiring beefier 1″ holdfasts instead of the more common 3/4″ size. He was building Roubo benches for clients and suggested that we talk to Peter Ross, maker of reproduction holdfasts, written about by Christopher Schwarz on the Popular Woodworking blog).

As a result of the feedback and encouragement we received from Mark, Peter, and our customers (via our Suggest a New Product page), we are excited to announce that we now have our 1″ Wooden Bench Dogs in stock. They are made the same way as our ever-popular 3/4″ Wooden Bench Dogs with quartersawn ash.

Head over to the product page to learn more about our dogs, and to order yourself a set.


PS: We noticed that Benchcrafted just released a holdfast of their own, intended for 1″ dog holes.