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Peter Z, a member of the Hand Tool School emailed us this past week because he was having some problems setting up the 3/4″ Rabbet plane he bought late last year. I realized we had not done an instructional video on the rabbet plane for our web page so here is Garth’s quickie method to make the rabbet plane do it’s job.

A note about this video. The Bandaids are a bit of an inside joke, I am prone to nicking myself all the time as I sharpen, setup and test blades for our planes. Lefties like me have this tendency (Just ask Shannon Rogers, another famous lefty!) http://www.renaissancewoodworker.com/

I hope this helps Peter Z and all the other TW2 Rabbet Plane owners out there! We are always available for help, just send one or both of us an email, chris@timewarptoolworks.com or garth@timewarptoolworks.com