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In the first part of this series on building my bench, I surfaced the two Douglas fir bench slabs.

My next task is to install a wagon vise, using this tail vise hardware I bought from Lee Valley Tools, Ltd.


I started by fitting the nut into the traveller that the wagon will be attached to.


For accuracy, I did this on the lathe.  I drilled a deep hole for the thread, then a shallow, but wider hole for the metal housing.


This is the desired result.



I cut the block to length and tested that it ran free on the Acme screw.


I needed to do a lot of routing to install the vise.

IMG4074 IMG4076 IMG4077

I installed a pair of hardwood runners for the wagon vise to ride on.
I glued the bottom half of the wagon to the traveller and attached the vise hardware, then flipped over the slab.

IMG4083 IMG4091

Since my router bit was not long enough to cut all the way through my bench slab, I had to finish from the top. I penciled in the approximate lines, then drilled through before using a flush trim router bit to shape the opening.



I installed the top half of the wagon and planed it flush with the workbench top.

IMG4094 IMG4095 IMG4096

Finally, I turned and installed a vise handle. The wagon vise is now complete, minus bench dogs That’s next!