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The first part of this series saw me dress the two bench slabs and in the second instalment, I installed the wagon vise.

My next step is to bore holes for bench dogs and hold fasts. It’s important that the holes be bored straight, and at 90 degrees to the bench top. For that, I am going to use the EasyDog Hole Kit that we at Time Warp Tool Works have put together.

I started by removing the baseplate from my plunge router.


I cut a piece of 1/4″ MDF to make a jig to guarantee an even spacing and accurate placement of the dog holes. I used a transfer punch and the base plate to mark the location of the bolts that will secure the jig to the router.


Using my drill press, I counterbored holes for the router base screws.


I then laid out my desired placement of dog holes (every four inches).


This is what my finished template looked like.  The second set of router mount holes allowed me to bore two rows of dog holes.


I bolted the jig directly to the router.


I also installed the 3/4″ spiral bit included in the EasyDog Hole Kit and set the router’s depth stop.


I manually located the first dog hole, using the fence built into the jig to assist me.  I clamped the jig in place and plunged the router to bore the first hole.


I shifted the jig over and set a dog through the template into the previously-bored hole, reclamped the jig, and bored the next hole. I continued this process all the way down the bench.


Then, I moved the router to the rear set of mounting holes and bored the second row of holes.


I decided to bore only every other hole in the back row. Here’s what the bench looked like with all the holes bored.


Because my bench top was over two inches thick, I finished boring the holes with the auger bit (optional in the EasyDog Hole Kit). Then, I chamfered the top edges of the holes with a chamfer bit in my router to make it easier to insert a bench dog or other accessory. This was the result.


About Our Easy Dog Hole Kits

We offer two Easy Dog packages: one for benches up to 2″ thick and one for benches over 2″ in thickness. They include the required bit(s), detailed instructions for making the template and boring holes, tips for success, and a dozen of our 3/4″ bench dogs.

Read more about the Easy Dog Hole Kits here.