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Have you been considering trying your hand at making your own mouldings but been discouraged by the idea of having to wait for months to receive planes you want to order? Well, we have the answer!

We decided to stoke the production engine in our shops and have built up a fine inventory of moulding and rabbet planes for you to put to work in your shop immediately!

To help you with the selection of your new planes, we have added a new page to our website to show you the planes that are available. You get to see the exact planes you are ordering. We have added PayPal links so you can purchase them right from that page and have them shipped the same week (shipping day is Thursday’s).

Check out what we have on our In Stock page!

We will continue to build new stock to anticipate your needs; when we release new planes, they will be added to the page and we will let you know through our blog.

Have fun shopping!