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Three years ago, we launched with #6 and #8 hollow and round moulding planes, as well as a rabbet plane to make the perfect starter set.

Now, we are working to expand our offering and, last month, introduced #10 (5/8″) hollows and rounds for larger mouldings.

This week, we are proud to release #4 (1/4″) hollows and rounds for more detailed mouldings. These planes offer the same versatility as their larger siblings, but their tighter radiused soles make them more useful for smaller-scale work, such as boxes, or drawer trim.

Here’s one pair in yellow birch, like the rest of our planes. They can be yours for $310. Have a look at the rest of our inventory on our In Stock page.

#158 - Pair of #4 Moulding Planes

#158 – Pair of #4 Moulding Planes

Intimidated by moulding planes? Here’s a primer: Sticking a Moulding with Moulding Planes.