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The EasyDog Hole Kit is a great package to install dog holes in your bench. The high speed steel router bit cuts a precise hole to a depth of approximately 2″ (most plunge routers will allow you to bore to a depth of 2”). If your bench is thicker than 2″, we offer the kit with an auger bit to extend the plumb pilot hole through the rest of the thickness of the bench top.

2 Bit Dog Kit

Originally, we chose the Wood Owl bit to supply with the kit as the highest quality product available for the job (pictured on our product page). It gives the cleanest sidewall cut and minimal tear out on the backside of all the bits we tried. The one downside of this bit is that it is 19MM, which is 0.002 inch under the 3/4″ diameter of the router bit we supply. This leaves a small lip (2 thousands of an inch) at the transition between the end of the cut of the router bit and the start of the auger bit cut.


The Wood Owl Auger Bit requires a 1/2 inch drill chuck

For purely perfectionist, engineering ideals, we started shipping the Irwin 3/4″ Speedbor bit as it exactly matched the 0.750 inch diameter of the router bit without a 0.002 inch ridge. Did this matter?


The Spedbor Auger Bit requires a 3/8 inch drill chuck

Recently, we had a delay in receiving the Speedbor bits and asked those customers who were waiting if it made a difference to them; receive a higher quality bit with the downside being a small lip, or wait a few days for an exact fitting bit. The other part of the choice was that the Wood Owl requires a 1/2″ chuck, the Speedbor only a 3/8″ chuck. The choice for some was to take the Wood Owl, others chose the Speedbor.

The lip in the dog hole does not bother me in the least (the dogs hang up a bit when you insert it), although Chris seamed to have a problem with it. We did decide its up to you; when you order your EasyDog Kit from us, you now have the option of either the Wood Owl or the Irwin Speedbor; both are now in stock for immediate shipment!

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