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In early May, I was contacted by Bob V. He was well into a new Roubo style bench build and was trying to decide what to do about dog holes & dogs. 3/4 inch or 1 inch?

Bob V Bench

Look at that beautiful blank canvas, what size of dog holes should be drilled in all that landscape?

The issue at hand was that the top is five inches thick and in some people’s opinion, a 3/4″ holdfast does not work well in this thick of a top. However, a number of fixes were suggested; rough up the shaft of the holdfast; counter-bore the dog holes from the bottom of the bench to 1 inch diameter to help with performance; do nothing, its not a problem.

Why stick with 3/4 inch? There are far more accessories available for 3/4 inch dog holes on the market if you like your toys. The 3/4″ holdfasts are considerably lower cost than 1 inch (not to mention more available). These are two reasons to stick with 3/4 inch dog holes and I am sure there are more.

What has this got to do with the Dog Masters? Well, we manufacture 1 inch x 7 inch long dogs specifically for the 5″ thick top Roubo’s that are being built by Plate 11 and their customers. The extra 2 inches makes it easy to adjust the dog in the hole when the dog is fully in the bench. Bob V wanted to know if we would make him some 3/4 inch x 7 inch dogs with the same idea in mind. Why not?

So, this is my long winded way of telling you that we made a small batch of 3/4 inch x 7 inch dogs. After filling Bob’s order, we have a small quantity left over.           Interested? Send me an email, garth@timewarptoolworks.com for details on pricing and quantities available.