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We have had a few requests over the last couple of months for square bench dogs and decided to make a few up.


As you can see, they are quartersawn to give them the most strength possible. In order to get a 1 inch x 1 inch dimension, I had to cut them from 8/4 ash making for a fair amount of waste. The faces have been sloped inward slightly to help hold down the material you are clamping. These were all hand cut and finished with a paring chisel, definitely a labor of love.

Of the batch I made up, I have some sold. What is left on hand is two 1 inch square dogs and two 7/8 inch square dogs (5 inchs long). They can easily be adjusted down in size if required by handplaning or sanding on a flat surface. If you would like more than what I have on hand, or different sizing, I will be happy to do another small batch run.

The cost is $15.00 US per dog plus shipping. Please contact me directly garth@timewarptoolworks.com