3 years ago Chris Wong of https://flairwoodworks.com/ sponsored a Stool Build Off with great success. All the stools were truly inspired designs in their own way. Check it out! https://flairwoodworks.com/2014/02/14/results-from-the-shop-stool-build-off/

This year Chris@flairwoodworks.com is doing a Wall Shelf Build Off. https://flairwoodworks.com/blog/  Now the idea of making a shelf may sound kind of boring, but after thinking about this for a few minutes, you will realized how difficult it will be to create a truly original shelf. My brain started to hurt about 5 minutes after I started to think about it!

Time Warp Tool Works will be providing 2 – 4 packs of 3/4″ Bench Dogs as prizes for this build off, a value of $36 each. https://timewarptoolworks.com/woodenbenchdogs/  Hopefully you will join in and give this a try; after all everyone needs a shelf!

I am going to try my own hand at this build off, as I have been needing a corner shelf for about 2 years. Hopefully I will be able to come up with a design worthy of the awesome creativity of all you out there.

Sign up today and get thinking! The last winner of the last Chris Wong Build Off ended up with a magazine article. Maybe you can too!

The Wall Shelf Build-Off: January 28-29