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Pizza Rat Is Back, and This Time, He Brought a Friend This" Sexy" Dumbledore Costume Needs to Be Acknowledged Here's How a 37YearOld Man Creates All Those Insane Sexy Halloween Costumes Grab a slice in this limited edition Yandy Pizza Rat costume featuring a soft, bodyhugging grey mini dress with a white front panel, an attached tail, an attached hood with adorable rat ears, and two attached pepperoni pizza slice pockets.

Oct 06, 2015 Even a 'pizza rat' costume can be made sexy for Halloween. Here are some of the silliest new outfits for 2015. The" pizza rat" that went viral several weeks ago has inspired a" sexy" Halloween costume, pictured at right.

The costume is available at sexy costume mecca Yandy. com for 89. 95. The suggestive A lingerie company is peddling sexy Pizza Rat costumes for a whopping 89. 95 in time for Halloween this year. We saw that everyone was going nuts over the Pizza Rat NYC Pizza Rat Is Now A Sexy Halloween Costume End Of Headline. Halloween costumes are like Michael Bolton albums, even if the word" sexy" is attached, it always ends up being very sad when you A rat carrying a slice of pizza in NYC broke the internet.

We can't explain it either, but we love it just the same. Here are our ideas on how to make a DIY Pizza Rat Halloween costume. Maybe if you take good enough pictures, you'll go viral, too! Oct 05, 2015 Someone didn't just make a Pizza Rat costume, someone made a Sexy Pizza Rat costume, which features" a soft, bodyhugging grey mini dress.

" The costume was created right here in the United States Ah, pizza rat. Pizza rat halloween costumes youre not familiar, Pizza Rat is a literal rodent who became an overnight sensation after it was spotted carrying Pizza rat halloween costumes entire slice of pizza down the stars of a New York City subway.

These Creative Halloween Costumes Have Officially Won The Spooky Holiday. Life After all, this costume is totally simple to put together If youre going to flaunt it this year, do it as a character who inspires a nation. Get ready to move hearts wearing this sexy Pizza Rat costume. Well, the lingerie and sexy costume purveyor known as Yandy has decided to cash in on the Internets deep love for Pizza Rat with a brand new Halloween costume.

Yes, thats right, you can now Or, you can head over to Yandy. com and pick up the" Sexy Pizza Rat" costume. Because what isn't sexy about a rat crawling down the filthy stairs of

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