Lollipop spider for halloween

The spiders, I found under images while surfing the web for a second lollipop craft. To cute! Both are super easy, very thrifty and make for a very cute addition to a Halloween school party or Halloween craft. What I love most about Halloween is the build up to it and all the fun Lollipop spider for halloween have creating Halloween treats and decorations! These Lollipop Spiders are a firm favourite because they are so quick and easy! Spider Popsicles are great for kids to make and will help your Halloween celebrations go with a The Spider Suckers are just too cute and so easy to do that I can make them for all the special tricker treaters that come my way on hallows eve!

For this spider lollipops craft, you need just a handful of ingredientsa lollipop (of course), a few pipe cleaners, and some googly eyes. These simple elements transform a simple lollipop into a cute and creepy spider for Halloween, and DIY Tootsie Roll Lollipop Halloween Spider.

The kids will enjoy making these. All that will be needed for the grown ups is just to oversee a bit and add the hot glue to the eyes at the end of the project. Oct 27, 2010 Halloween spider suckers See more details on this project at

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