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Hailing from the land of Harry Potter, Stonehenge and other ageold mysteries, Cadbury Screme Eggs were once only available in the United Kingdom. Fortunately for us, they made it to this side of the pond in 2012 just in time to seriously raise the bar on Halloween candy. Inside the same milk chocolate shell of these Cadbury Screme Eggs you will find a spooky green and white sugary surprise. So good it'll make you SCREAM! Egg Length: 2 Inches Unit Price 1.

00egg. Display box contains 48 Cadbury Screme Eggs Halloween Candy, each with a net weight of 1. 2 ounces. Made in Canada. Shipping Weight 5 CADBURY SCREME EGG Candy is the perfect treat to pass out to all your visitors this Halloween season.

With it's delicious milk chocolate coating, soft fondant center, and the surprise green creme, your house may become the most popular on the block! Cadbury has given your favorite Easter treat a Halloween makeover and the results are scary delicious.

These limitededition chocolate candies taste just like traditional Cadbury Creme Eggs (chocolate on the Buy CADBURY Halloween SCREME EGG Candy (1. 2Ounce, Pack of 48) at Walmart. com

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