How to sew a cape for halloween

NoSew Halloween Spiderweb Cape easy halloween costumes NoSew Halloween Spiderweb Cape easy halloween costumes Looking for an easy and inexpensive costume to make? This nosew spider web cape can be easily made with black felt, ribbon, scissors and fabric glue.

Its perfect for a child or adult Our one basic, easytosew pattern is versatile enough to conjure up a whole parade of Halloween characters.

What's more, each cape casts a powerful spell, and you won't have to look further than your closet to How To Make A NoSew Cape For Halloween You will need: 1 meter of black felt fabric; Scissors; 1 meter of black ribbon, 1 wide; The black felt I purchased was a doublewidth fabric, meaning it was folded along the length.

A cape is a dramatic and very versatile costume element. Distinguished royalty, wizards, magicians, and witches can benefit from the use of a cape. In its simplest form, a cape is a circle of fabric that is tied at the neck and open down the front. This cape is a quick easy sewYou could make one tonight! And it is reversible, so change up the color whenever you want!

Or the 2 tones make for a fun pop of color on the inside of your cape. Hello there WeAllSew readers! SewSerge the hood lining piece the same way that you stitched the hood piece. Pin the hood lining and hood pieces right sides facing along the front edge. StitchSerge in place using a 12 seam allowance. One thought on How to make a Hooded Cape for Halloween

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