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Halloween Cocktails and Drink Recipes Choose a slide We've got cocktails for grownup goblins, as well as creepy drinks for kids who love spinechilling sips. Sep 02, 2014 Add ice to a cocktail shaker and pour in the tequila, Cointreau, lime, sugar syrup and orange juice.

Shake for about 1520 seconds. Strain into the prepared glass. For a Slushy Cocktail: To make this a slightly diluted, slushy Halloween cocktail add the ingredients to a blender with plenty of ice.

A spooktacular celebration is not complete without a variety of spooky Halloween cocktails. You can turn any traditional drink recipe into a Halloween themed one by adding food coloring, flavors, or a spooky garnish. The possibilities are endless! Spooky Halloween Punch Recipes Toxic Ooze Halloween Punch Apple juice, seltzer, and vodkainfused green JellO make for a tasty blendbe sure to serve in a clear punch bowl to show off this ghoulish beverage.

Get the recipe at Not Just A Mommy. Make the most out of your Champagne punch by following a few simple tips when preparing it for the party. Choose your sparkling wine. Though the recipe says" Champagne, " any sparkling wine will do.

Punch bowl beats candy bowl any day. Style; 14 Frightfully Easy Halloween Punch Recipes. Punch bowl beats candy bowl any day. Best Champagne Cocktails to Make for Your Next Party; Break out your punch bowl, and mix up one of these festive drinks. These bigbatch beveragesalcoholic and nonalcoholicwill keep you and your guests These bigbatch beverageswith and without alcoholwill Halloween.

Mother's Day. New Year's. Thanksgiving. All Holiday Planning& Ideas. Entertaining. Champagne Punch. Get Recipe. 8 of 19. Red Currant Champagne Cocktail. Get Recipe. Champagne and Serve a blood red champagne and pomegranate Halloween cocktail or a sherry cocktail for an adult Halloween party. This is especially fitting for a haunted house theme.

Another idea is to make the red cocktail recipes to complement Halloween Hard to believe anything can beat your Guy Fieri getupbut these drinks just might. Make a big batch to serve at parties, or a single serve to sip while you hand out candy to trick or treaters. Make a big batch to From scarygood sangria to boozy punches, these Halloweeninspired cocktails will delight your party guests.

Whether you need a bewitching brew for a crowd or spooky cocktails for two, these seasonal recipes are perfect for a spectacular Halloween fte.

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