Boxing in a boiler ideas for halloween

Boxing in a boiler Hi there, I have a large, white combi boiler in my kitchen, and it's hardly an attractive feature, so I would quite like to have it boxed in, except I am conscious that we would need to have access to it for maintanence etc, it is possible to box in a boiler? May 23, 2011 You want access to the bottom, to refill the radiator system. Need about 20 work room to see underneath, pretty fiddly with the plastic key and pipe thing.

I wouldn't put a boiler in a enclosed cupboard, get one with vented sides top& bottom. The walnut wall unit on the left hand side of the picture below is how I boxed in my boiler it was deeper than the wall units (just). It doesn't have a top or bottom, thereby allowing maximum ventilation. Aug 10, 2007 Need some advice as the best way to box in the new boiler we've just had fitted.

It's in the study so it really is an eyesore. The boiler in question has been fitted approx 2ft from the ceiling and so the pipework runs down the length of the wall.

Boiler The Pipe Interior Ideas Kitchen Storage A Well Bathroom Ideas Kitchen Designs Kitchen Ideas Boxing In Pipes Ideas Forward We offer a wide range of pipe boxing, If your boiler is balanced flue you can box it in as long as you leave a vent in the cupboard. The boiler itself has to be a minimum distance from any flammable materials and the spec for that will come with your boiler or check the manufacturer's website if you haven't got the installation instructions any more. Boxing in a Boiler Using Kitchen Units for Boxing In How to safely box in a central heating boiler using kitchen units.

Hide your boiler from view and make it more attractive but ensure that it is easily accessible if required.

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