Wooden spoon halloween puppets to color

Paint the wooden spoon purple (or any other color fit for a vampire). Let the paint dry. Once the paint is dry, paint (or draw with a black permanent marker) the hair and mouth line.

Stick on two wiggle eye stickers (or draw the eyes). Draw the fangs with white puffy paint (this paint gives the fangs dimension). Let it all dry. Stunning Spoon Puppets. Here are some adorable Spoon Puppets that are just that little bit different and simply, well, adorable! These cute spoon puppets, just want to make you scoop them up and go off and put on a show, dont you think?

Paint the spoon and leave it to dry. Glue two eyes on to the dish of the spoon. Cut two bat ears (small black triangles) from black foam. Glue the ears to the top of the dish of the spoon. Cut a large wing shape from black foam.

Glue the handle of the spoon to the middle of the wings. To finish, draw on a mouth with the fabric paint. The kids can create a wide variety of puppets with simple supplies. Trivia; Spoons have been used as eating utensils since Paleolithic times.

It is most likely that prehistoric peoples used shells or chips of wood as spoons. Let's make a set of fangtastic vampire wooden spoon puppets to put on a scary puppet show. This is s cute little Halloween craft project for kids of all ages from preschool, through kindergarten and to older kids everyone likes to put up a show.

this post contains affiliate links Vampire Wooden Spoon Puppets What you need: wooden spoons Mason jar with pip berry and wooden spoons. Can customized to any color. And also customize tag See more. Cute for Halloween. some wooden spoons from the dollar store, some craft paint and you have instant Halloween fun! DIY Wooden spoon puppet craft from Bloesem kids craft could make a whole family of spoon people!

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