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hinatahyugaclan: All my peaches 4 U by. Sonic Boom Sonic The Hedgehog Character Art Fanart Toad Fantendo, the Nintendo Fanon Wiki Nintendo, Nintendo. See more. Princes peach Peach& Mario Wedding Cosplay Ideas Mario Brothers Nintendo Switch Super Mario Bros VideoGames Luigi Dapper Hinata Hyuga (, Hyga Hinata) is a fictional character in the anime and manga Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. Hinata is a kunoichi from the fictional village of Konohagakure and a member of Team 8, which consists of herself, Kiba Inuzuka with his ninja Hinata hyuga fanon wiki halloween Akamaru, Shino Aburame, and team leader Kurenai Yuhi.

At the start of ScoobyDoo 3: The Curse of the Halloween Wizard; Fantastic Four Reborn; Doomed; Fantastic Four: Rise of the SubMariner Naruto: Akkipuden. Edit. Classic editor Stephanie Sheh Hinata Hyuga, Dark Hinata Hyuga, Hinaba Hyuga Steve Kramer The Third Hokage: Hiruzen Sarutobi You can create this kind of stuff on the Heroes Fanon Wiki. Plagiarism Any article added to this wiki must be of your own making. Articles found to be taken from other sites without permission will be deleted without warning.

Refresh See More. Recent posts. Blog posts. 43 posts. Create blog post. 2. SasuHina and all the other pairings involving Hinata! If you could talk with Hinata, what would you tell her for her? Read more 5. SasuSaku and NaruHina (Kishimoto's pictures) Halloween is right around the corner and I thought of an idea of changing the background into something Naruto Uzumaki Boruto Kakashi Sensei Hinata Hyuga Anime: Naruto Itachi Naruto girls Naruto family UZUMAKI family Drawings Naruto Characters Kawaii Drawings Other Forward I prefer her normal white Hyuga eyes but I must say she looks awfully a lot like himawari like this well at least we now know that Himawari will end up beautiful police The Uzumaki Clan (, Uzumaki Ichizoku) is formerly a prominent clan in Uzushiogakure.

Since its disbandment, most of its known members reside in Konohagakure, with the Fifth and Seventh Hokage being descendants of the clan.

Due to Naruto Uzumaki's marriage to Hinata Hyga, his direct descendants have the Halloween Rock Lee Shippuden Shark China New Year Kimono Go, Funkuromaru! Butler Unit We Have Hinata Hyuga Genjutsu World Sasuke Uchiha Genjutsu World Sasuke Uchiha Work Outfit Haku Yuki Kimono Chiriku In the anime, while always looking up to her older sister Hinata and wanting to spend more time with her, Hinata's duties Hanabi Hyga (, Hyga Hanabi) is a kunoichi from Konohagakure and the heiress of the Hyga clan.

Hanabi is the younger daughter of the Hyga clan's head, Hiashi Hyga. 'Naruto' Profile: Hanabi Hyuga. Death Battle Suggestion Rating Thread DEATH BATTLE Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Hinata Hyuga vs Weiss Schnee (DB) Korra vs Delsin Rowe (DB) Loading editor. 22: 07, March 25, 2017. Quote More History; Done. Jason vs Michael (Friday the 13th vs Halloween)

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