Zsnes full screen 1920x1080 halloween

Just wanted to help people with ZSNES because I had a hell of a time getting ZSNES to run in 1080p. It is such a simple fix though that is easy to over look. To get rid of the black bars and run ZSNES in full screen 1080p, do the following.

So I was trying to play Final Fantasy Vi The eternal crystals and when I pressed AltEnter the game screen turned black about 12secs and then screen just vanished and must restart the emulator again. 1920x1080 HD Halloween Wallpaper. Trick or Treaters Happy Halloween 1920x1080 Full HD Wallpaper 1920x1080 View.

Download Pumpkins Halloween Ghost Wallpaper in 1366x768 Resolution 1366x768 halloween screen threat trick sheeps wallpapers wallpaper 1920x1080 View. Try matching your full screen settings (Custom under the Video tab) to your monitor's native resolution.

Also, ignore people who rag on ZSNES. It's perfectly functional for 99 of everything you might need an emulator to do. Feb 09, 2010  I have a HD tv with ZSNES going full screen with resolution 1920x1080, and I never had a problem with it.

Maybe you should try Zsnes perfect settings. posted in NES& SNES Emulators [pcnessnes: I've found these settings to be the very best i love it in game and playing full screen on any resolution the graphics look nice and sharp. once open go up to video options. once in pick a resolution and make sure its a DS setting. so if you choose like me 1280x1024 Dec 30, 2012 The Zsnes is a emulator for the snes.

like the actual snes, the Zsnes will not go fullscreen unless you follow my tutorial Don't forget to subscribe: ) Oct 21, 2011 No tinkering with Zsnes settings, no graphics crashes, no noticeable black lines at top and bottom (since I was already in 1024x768 DSF and the TV just squishes the picture inward).

This also worked for some other emulators I was having a hard time trying to get in that ratio, like Project64 and ePSXe.

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