How to make halloween award ribbons

Take your newly altered ribbon spool and add it to a tabletop of gourds! Or, make a few more and use them as place card holders at your next Halloween party. Free printable Halloween award circles to make your own Halloween costume awards. Looking for the final detail to ensure your Halloween party is a success? Check out these DIY Halloween costume awards.

Halloween is one of the funnest holidays to craft for, and we have lots of ideas with tutorials for you! The awesome part is this post will be added to as we get closer to Halloween, so make sure to follow us on The Ribbon Retreat Blog so To make the wreath look more like Halloweenworthy, it is time to adorn it with the addons. You just simply need to glue them to the wreath. You dont need to use all the addons mentioned in this post.

To make your own Halloween Ribbon Wreath, you will need: 14 inch foam wreath form. 2 inch black ribbon. 2 spools of 15 foot ribbon in three patterns or colors.

Hot glue gun.

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