Maker’s Stamps

We originally designed these steel stamps to mark our moulding planes but they can also be used to brand your woodwork.  Stamps are approximately 1-3/4″ x 1″ and may have up to two lines, each containing up to 10 characters (letters or numbers).

When marking the moulding planes, we affixed the stamp to an angle bracket which registered off the edge of the plane.  In testing, we found that a pair of heavy-duty screw-type clamps worked well to press the letters into the end grain.  However, since we had hundreds of planes to be stamped, we used a hydraulic press instead.


3 thoughts on “Maker’s Stamps”

  1. John Verreault said:

    Hi Guys
    It is a bit difficult to see so I’ll ask: is the lettering impression on the wood raised or indented? Also, is that width an absolute? My 1st initial and surname would need a bit more room for a single line stamp ;^)


    John (in Victoria)

  2. stop light when I read that and was cracking up @ that title! So clveer you are!Our kitchen makeover has been an on going project since we moved in 3 years ago-I keep changing my mind (typical). The cabinets took about a week to paint, prob. a couple hours per day. While my husband was in Law school he painted to support our young family. He has taught me everything I know about painting. What a blessing that has been! We originally had everything black, then added in the white to lighten it up. I give a detailed explanation of what I used on my site 🙂 The x’s in the widows are one of may favorite parts, but I am sure your windows, Susan, look beautiful as well! The chandelier is from Pottery Barn. I pd $399 I believe. BUT! The light bulbs no matter what I used gave out too much glare. We finally cut a black drum shade and placed it on the main stem hanging it there (not easy). Then we found some light diffuser material at Home Depot and cut a circle and stuck it in the bottom. Way better now. Thank you to all of you for all of your kind words! Makes my heart very happy:) Love, Julie

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