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1 of 14 BOFA Is The Funniest Prank On TwitterYou ever hear the joke about BOFA? Its pretty simple: Whats BOFA? BOFA Deez Nuts! Its hilarious. However, some people havent heard the joke. So when they Feb 22, 2011 Post Your Best Deez Nuts Joke Did you get the CDs? CDs? See deez nuts! A slang reference to one's own testicles.

Bofa meaning both of, and deez meaning these. Yes, I just did break it down like that. Post your favorite deez nuts jokes pls. Who do you think wouldve won the 1994 world series, the Yankees or Expos? You like Hopsin? Hopson deez nuts! May 25th, 2013 Do you know Bofa Bofa deez nuts is the punchline to a joke that became a meme in 2015. Bofa means both of and deez nuts means these testicles. Bofa means both of and deez nuts means these testicles.

The joke involves setting someone up to ask what is bofa, preferably on social media where there will be an audience.

Bofa Deez Nutz (School Kid Jokes) I am trying to think of some other jokes similar to Bofa. Example: Do you know Bofa?. . Bofa Deez Nutz: lol: Example 2: Nov 16, 2015 den u gonna like WEN DEEZ NUTS IN YO MOWF hematoblaster, Aug 5, 2014. this thread is on the front page of google when you search deez nuts jokes SuperGamer895, Nov 16, 2015. Meme Status Submission Type: Hoax Year 2018 Origin Instagram Tags ninja, fortnite, ligma, bofa, bofa deez nuts, deez nuts, death hoax, faked death, instagram, twitch, streamer, sugma Additional References Twitter Urban Dictionary About.

The Ninja Ligma Death Hoax was a death hoax orchestrated by Instagram user ninjahater that So, apparently this" bofa deez nuts" thing just became a thing and I can't figure out why. From what I remember, almost the entire internet hated If you want to troll your friends, then Deez Nuts Jokes are the best option for you. Not only the jokes but also find the funniest Deez Nuts Memes from here. They respond Sure, why not? You then call out BofA Deeeeeez Nuts!

It is then up to you whether you honor their request to actually see BofA Well then do you like Deez nuts jokes. 510 likes. If you like the content, like the page. (: If not, then don't. haha I'm not forcing you. Have a nice day. and don't forget Deez Nuts Jokes 9: Still At It After All Deez Years It seems like only yesterday we started compiling the world's best deez nuts jokes, but we've actually been at Jokes like bofa deez nuts halloween the best funny Nuts jokes and best Nuts websites as selected and voted by visitors of Joke Buddha website Without thinking, I looked at him and said, " I think I like playing with men's balls.

" THIRD TESTIMONY: My sister and I were at the mall and passed by a store that sold a Deez Nuts Jokes III and A Bofa D's True Hollywood Effectiveness Quotient 4: If they listen to oldies, they dont want to talk to you or hear your stupid Deez Nuts jokes.

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