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The celebrations are based on the Islamic faith and religious way of life. There are some who argue that Halloween, at least, is a cultural holiday, with no religious significance. To understand the issues, we need to look at the origins and history of Halloween. I took this opportunity to host a discussion session on the origins and history of Halloween. I then shared with them the real reason why we were there: to celebrate the Pumpkin as a vegetable loved by the Prophet and one mentioned in the Quran in the context of the story of Yunus (as) and the whale Masjid Nabawi was the second mosque built in the history of Islam.

It is the secondholiest site in Islam, after alMasjid alHaram in Mecca. Raudhah of Masjid Nabawi The Prophet's Mosque (Classical Arabic:AlMasjidunNabawiyy) is a mosque established and originally built by the Islamic prophet Muhammad, situated in the city Prophets mosque history of halloween Medina in the Hejazi region of Saudi Arabia. Oct 24, 2015 Donate Now To Produce More HD Islamic Reminders: Here Is The Link: The Prophet's mosque and some of its surrounding areas, seen from a nearby building.

The size of today's Prophet's mosque, with all of its adjoining facilities and infrastructure, is approximately the size of what the core of the Oct 25, 2014 Donate: Official Website: MS Official Channel: From an Islamic standpoint, Halloween is one of the worst celebrations due to its origins and history.

It is Haraam (forbidden) to partake in such a practice, even if there may be some seemingly good or harmless elements in it, as evidenced by a statement from the Prophet: " Every innovation (in our religion) is misguidance, even if the people Canada: Imam condemns Halloween, Remembrance Day as reprehensible The usualkids having fun and remembering those who fought to preserve our freedoms is reprehensible, but waging violent Jihad and slaughtering Jewish people is Halloween: 10 Tips for Muslim parents The following article was compiled by Iesa Galloway for the Islamic Society of Greater Houston s ENewsletter.

It draws heavily from content originally written by other authors for SoundVision. com and by blogger Nesima Aberra (links below). Prophet's Mosque: Prophets Mosque, courtyard of the Prophet Muhammad in Medina, Arabian Peninsula, which was the model for later Islamic architecture. The home of Muhammad and his family was a simple structure, made of raw brick, that opened on an enclosed courtyard where people gathered to hear him. 122 responses to 9 Things You Didnt Know About The Prophets Mosque Stranger says: May 24, 2013 at 11: 29 AM.

I wud luv to know abt the secret signs: ) Reply. Prof M Shamim says: He has thus placed in the records of history these nine features associated with the Prophet [allallhu alayhi wa sallam at a time when concrete The focus of this post, the second in a series on important sites, is the Prophets Mosque. The Prophets Mosque today stands on the site of the mosque first built by the Prophet Muhammad near his house in Medina.

Originally, the mosque was an openair building made of palm trunks and mud walls. The mosque did not have a curved Mihrab during the Prophets time or during the time of the four caliphs. Sources said that the first curved niche or Mihrab was added during the Ummayad period.

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