#WSBO Finale! Vote by Sunday Night!


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Time Warp Tool Works was one of the many sponsors for the #WSBO as well as me personally promising Chris Wong I would participate as well. I finally managed to actually mount my shelf on the wall this weekend.


I decided to use french cleats to mount the corner shelf as the walls were not square and were also wavy. By over cutting the angles on the cleats to 48 Deg (rather than at the normal 45 deg) I thought it would give me enough leaway to deal with the off square walls. I mounted the right cleat and then used a level to to set the height of the left cleat. How did it work out?


The assembled shelf dropped into place with no problems (LOVE french cleats!), but came out high in the corner which tells me I am going to have to back off the screws holding the cleats so the shelf will have a little more room to drop down in the center. Some other day (probably when I move out). Actually, I beat on it with a caul and hammer and it dropped into level with just a little persuasion.

I was going to use bench dogs as movable bookends, but decided to try domino’s this time and cut mortises for them every 6″ so I have a space range for books. I think it is going to work out well.

Have you had a chance to check out all the entries? There some absolutely awesome  shelves for you to consider. Go now to view all of the entries and vote! Just voting will give you a chance to win a prize!



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What is #WSBO? Well, of course, its another great build off organized by Chris Wong of Flair Woodworks!

The Wall Self Build Off is happening this weekend, Saturday Jan 28 & Sunday Jan 29. There are lots of prizes in lots of categories (Wall Shelf Build-Off Prize Categories). The biggest prize of course is actually getting that shelf off the “honey do” list you have going on the fridge and getting a couple of hours of creative time in the shop! So register today to qualify, you do have to January 31 to complete your entry.

Time Warp Tool Works offered two sets of four bench dogs as prizes before I realized I was almost out of stock of 3/4″ dogs, so I am busy milling a brand new batch out of very well dried and seasoned ash.


If I get this batch done, I am hoping to do my own shelf built this weekend getting it off MY honey do list. Click here (#WSBO) for full details on the Wall Shelf Build Off and join the fun!

Chris is Doing a New Build Off!!



3 years ago Chris Wong of https://flairwoodworks.com/ sponsored a Stool Build Off with great success. All the stools were truly inspired designs in their own way. Check it out! https://flairwoodworks.com/2014/02/14/results-from-the-shop-stool-build-off/

This year Chris@flairwoodworks.com is doing a Wall Shelf Build Off. https://flairwoodworks.com/blog/  Now the idea of making a shelf may sound kind of boring, but after thinking about this for a few minutes, you will realized how difficult it will be to create a truly original shelf. My brain started to hurt about 5 minutes after I started to think about it!

Time Warp Tool Works will be providing 2 – 4 packs of 3/4″ Bench Dogs as prizes for this build off, a value of $36 each. https://timewarptoolworks.com/woodenbenchdogs/  Hopefully you will join in and give this a try; after all everyone needs a shelf!

I am going to try my own hand at this build off, as I have been needing a corner shelf for about 2 years. Hopefully I will be able to come up with a design worthy of the awesome creativity of all you out there.

Sign up today and get thinking! The last winner of the last Chris Wong Build Off ended up with a magazine article. Maybe you can too!

The Wall Shelf Build-Off: January 28-29