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DKANE REPRO FREE Saoirse Kane, Crosshaven at the Cuskinny Cork North Pole Outpost It is a little known fact that Santa Claus has a North Pole Outpost located in County Cork in fact, Santa arrived at Cuskinny Court near Cobh today and opened the doors of The Cork North Pole Outpost Experience to all the boys and girls Spooky goings on this Halloween at Cuskinny Court Dead Sheeran and Lord Ghoulsley and other ghoulish creatures prepare for All Hallows Eve at Ghoulsley's Manor at Cuskinny in East Cork.

Children are invited to come along to break the spell that has bewitched the Georgian mansion between 21st and 31st October. Located in Cuskinny, Cobh, Co. Cork this exciting event runs from 17th October to the 1st of November daily from 38pm and lasts approximately 1 hour. Tickets are 13 per person (adults and children). In Dungourney, Co. Cork Leahys Open Farm will host the Boo experience from the 25th October to the 2nd of November from 25pm.

Normal Located deep in the woods in Cuskinny, just five minutes from Cobh, the Cork Elves& Santa have given special permission for a lucky few to come and pay them a visit this December! We are an entirely indoor event and will be open no matter what the weather!

Ghoulsleys Manor is an immersive theatrical experience where you are invited on a journey through the mysterious rooms of our spooky Manor house. Here you will meet the quirky and hilariously whacky characters in a fun and interactive spellbinding adventure. There is so much to see and do in Cobh all year round that a visit at any time is highly recommended. Add on a myriad of festivals and events, cruise ship visits and sporting events and you could be left wondering when is the best time to visit or should you visit Cobh over and over again.

Please note the pictures below are from previous years, our 2017 Grymm Tales Experience will have a new cast of characters! Cuskinny Court has transformed into Lord Ghoulsley's Manor just in time for October 31, and a host of ghastly horrors are waiting to greet you. From Dracula and his devilish delights to the wicked witch and her brewing cauldron, you're sure to be in for a frighteningly good time.

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