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The Morrigan has a special connection with Halloween. According to Irish mythology, it was on Samhain that the Morrigan kept a tryst with the Dagda, the great fathergod of the old Irish pantheon. Samhain became All Hallows Eve Halloween is a mood, a frame of mind, and the modern celebration certainly doesnt require any more than that whether your taste is for the macabre or the kitsch. But if its Samhain youre after, then authenticity counts.

Its also a day of major change in the mythological cycles; according to Irish myth, Oengus mac indOg was born on Samhain; An Dagda mated with the Morrigan on Samhain, just before the Second Battle of Magh Turedh, which may have also been on Samhain; it is mentioned as an important feast day in both the Ulster and Fionn Samhain (swn, sa.

n, or san in English; from Irish samhain (saun), cf. Scottish samhuinn sav, Old Irish samain san" summer's end"from sam" summer" and fuin" end" ) is a festival on the end of the harvest season in Gaelic and Brythonic cultures, with aspects of a Festival of the Dead. It is the beginning of the Celtic year. Morrigan and the Dagda later consented with Cernunnos, the staggod, to grant the mortal Kyllian the power to serve as a representative of the Celtic Gods power on Earth now they had been exiled from trafficking with mortals.

The night of 31 October (Halloween) is Oche Shamhna (Irish), Oidhche Shamhna (Scottish Gaelic) and Oie Houney (Manx), all meaning" Samhain night". 1 November, or the whole festival, may be called L Samhna (Irish), L Samhna (Scottish Gaelic) and Laa Houney (Manx), all meaning" Samhain day". Nov 01, 2011  Tonight is the second night of my Samhain celebration.

I will honor an Morrigan and an Dagda who united on Samhain, and Apr 14, 2015 The Morrigan The Dagda, and Unions If there is one story in Irish mythology relating to the Morrigan that the most people are familiar with it is probably the scene in the Cath Maige Tuired where the Morrigan and the Dagda meet at a river, join, and then plan strategy for the coming battle with the Fomorians.

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