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Earning the Jackpot earns you: max candy (set to 250), max Halloweenthemed consumables, and every old title and badge that is normally available at the slot machines and the Mansion map's NPC vendors. Upon earning a jackpot, the game sends a serverwide message informing everyone who won the Jackpot. Mickey Mouse Trailer Halloween Version Halloween Mickey Mouse is a redeco of the Mickey Mouse Trailer done up in orange and black and was an exclusive to 711 stores in Japan. The robot mode features a variety of Halloweenthemed paint applications, such as a jackolantern face and skulls on its torso and spider webs on the trailer kibble.

Items listed here are from the events held in Transformice such as: Valetine's Day, Easter, April Fool's Day, Halloween, Christmas, and Carnival. They can only be gained from the events, and not bought from the store. Transformice is a free online multiplayer game created by Melibellule and Tigrounette owned by Atelier 801. The objective of this game is to collect cheese playing as a mouse character, and take it back to the hole in exchange Transformice is an online independent multiplayer freetoplay platform video game, created by French game designers, known by their aliases Melibellule and Tigrounette.

Melibellule produces the game's artwork and graphics, while Tigrounette programs the game's functions and mechanics. The game was initially released on May 1, 2010, This was the first Transformices event! Mice could fly across the map 666 on a broomstick and tried to catch the cheese, which teleported randomly on the map. 2011: One mouse was randomly turned into a bat and To make a totem you must have saved over 1000 mice. Click on the feather next to the helprules and click on" Edit your totem".

This will take you to map 444, where you can create your totem. Tagged: transformice, totems, transformice totem, tfm totem, tfm, totem. useful totem# 2. pros very very easy to make works with virtually any map extremely easy to build with. cons can be glitchy if not done correctly.

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