Testimonies and Reviews

“They’re made of ash, which is one of my very favorite hardwoods. All four of my dogs have the grain running perpendicular to the square face, which reminded me of how we were taught to hold baseball bats when we were kids. Freshly machined, unfinished ash (like these are) has a bright, clean surface that almost gleams, a sort of brightness that oak never seems to have. So my first impression of these guys was very strongly positive.”

– Jim Dillon, from To the Victor Go the Bench Doges (CLICK TO READ FULL REVIEW)

“I originally planned on dovetailing a slot in the top that I could slide a planing stop into as needed, but after much consideration I ended up stealing and idea from western benches. I just drilled two 3/4′′ dog holes in the top and popped in a couple of Ash bench dogs from Time Warp Tool Works – Thanks Chris! They make it far more convenient to just pop up a planing stop as needed!”

– Nik Brown, from A slab top for the Japanese Workbench (CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE)

“I needed to hold an irregular shaped table leg on the bench so I could thickness the pieces with my scrub plane. The fact that these dogs are wooden means that I can shape the dog to a specific application. In this case a simple V notch that would grab the opposing corners of the leg since the grain is oriented to run the length of it… The fact that my bench uses round dogs too was a benefit that allowed me to rotate the dog to best position the v notch for the best holding.”

– Shannon Rogers, from Wooden Bench Dogs for the Win (CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE)

“RUFF! Bench dogs are some of the handiest things you can have for your workbench. These babies set into dog holes in your bench allowing you to clamp work down securely using either the dog in your bench vise, wedges or other holding contrivances. Many of these bench dogs are metal. And, should you plane past the edge of your work and your plane iron hits the metal dog, well, get ready to do some serious sharpening. And, if you really crank down on the pressure to hold the work down, metal dogs are more likely to mar the face of the board they bear against. That’s why wooden dogs are preferred… and that’s where the folks at Time Warp Tools can help. These babies are made of kiln-dried, quartersawn ash which is both plenty strong to immobilize the workpiece and soft enough to avoid causing any dents. Just as importantly, cutting edges aren’t affected in the least when they accidentally hit the dog. A sprung ball catch allows the dogs to hold their vertical position.”

– Tom Iovino, from Time Warp Tools’ wooden bench dogs (READ FULL ARTICLE)

“I’ve been using [your wooden bench dogs] and they have been great! I prefer them greatly to my brass Veritas dogs.”

– Andrew Gore

“Hi Chris, got the bench dogs Sat. 5 May, been using them ever since. For years I have been using brass dogs, love them, yet was always a little worried about nicking plane blades, never did but was always on my mind. I have made my own wooden dogs but was never satisfied, wanted to try yours once I saw them. So far really like them. Thank you.”

– Dave Ray

“The moulding planes performed superbly.”

– Dave B.

“I put in some time and stuck 4 profiles with the planes this weekend. First, they perform very well and there isn’t a noticeable difference in the results on the moulding from other moulding planes.”

– Shannon Rogers

“I think with a bit of practice and patience, I should be putting your planes to good use. Great planes!”

– Kirk P.