Top Escapement Moulding Planes

#6 Hollow and Round Moulding Planes in Cherry

Our planes are made from quartersawn birch and are ambidextrous for equal comfort whether used left- or right-handed.  Each plane is 10″ long.  The fully-detailed bodies have detail bevels and stop cuts like those found on traditional moulding planes.  These details increase the visual interest and appeal as well as comfort. Each plane features an O1 blade that is tapered in thickness allowing the blade to naturally resist planing forces that can cause the blade to shift in use.  The blades come sharpened in the appropriate shape, though some tuning may be required due to wood movement.

...the moulding planes performed superbly. – Dave B.

We have developed the wedge profile shown exclusively for Shannon Rogers’ Hand Tool School.

I put in some time and stuck 4 profiles with the planes this weekend.  They perform very well and there isn’t a noticeable difference in the results on the moulding from other moulding planes.Shannon Rogers

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Top Escapement Moulding Plane Instructions.
Tuning and Adjusting Video.

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Detailed #6 Hollow and Round Moulding Planes

Detailed #6 and #8 Hollow and Round Moulding Planes

Close-Up of Detailed Moulding Plane Toes

Soles of #8 Hollow and Round Moulding Planes