Chris Wong – British Columbia, Canada

November 30, 2011

A sticking board doesn’t need to be anything fancy. For this short moulding, I simply found a scrap of plywood a little longer and drove three screws into it.  The plywood is secured in my front vise.  For a longer moulding, I would have driven the screws directly into my benchtop.

I first laid out the moulding and dropped in the rabbets.  I probably should have made the second rabbet a little deeper.

I then added a chamfer to eliminate the sharp point where the hollow plane would ride.

Finally, I used my #6 hollow and round to finish the moulding.

3 thoughts on “Chris Wong – British Columbia, Canada”

  1. That is a really clean finish. Did you do anything after using the hand planes like sanding or is this fresh after planing?

  2. Tim,

    These mouldings are made with planes only – no sanding was required.


  3. Hi Chris,

    Great series of photos and explanation, thanks! I’m surprised at how straightforward it appears to be…..God help me, another technique to learn and planes to buy! Oh well…beats supporting the big box stores!


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