Kirk P. – Newfoundland, Canada

November 30, 2011

Here are some pics on my first attempt at molding. They are my first ever, hard maple, and from watching his video a week ago. I think with a bit of practice and patience, I should be putting your planes to good use. Great planes!

4 thoughts on “Kirk P. – Newfoundland, Canada”

  1. Nice work, Kirk. And in hard maple, no less! Your mouldings look very crisp.

  2. Hi Kirk!

    Good Grief! You started with Hard Maple? Well, in for the penny in the for the pound! Looks like a good start…nice clean lines! Best of luck!


  3. Another Newfoundlander displaying work in the Kitchen. Hmm, I am showing my wife this one. She thinks Matthew and I are the only ones that bring work in the kitchen. Very nice work Kirk!

  4. Artykuł opracowany przez Autora w 100% wyjaśnia cały temat tekstu. Me zdanie jest takie samo.

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