Shannon Rogers – Maryland, US

November 30, 2011

I put in some time and stuck 4 profiles with the planes this weekend. First, they perform very well and there isn’t a noticeable difference in the results on the moulding from other moulding planes. Here are some thoughts:

  • The top escapement was dubious to me at first mainly because it isn’t done that way traditionally.
  • The flat head on the wedge created by the “exclusive” decoration makes a solid surface for tapping with a mallet and I feel like I get the wedge seated more securely than with traditional curved wedge tops. Will this flat surface stand up to repeated whacking over time? I think so but time will tell.
  • The single thickness iron (vs “flagged” irons of traditional moulding planes) is an improvement. It registers in the plane body better and feels easier to adjust. Plus the thicker iron up top will not mushroom from hammer blows. I sharpen freehand, but I can see these wider irons being grasped by a jig much better for things like Tormek sharpening or jigs on grinders.

8 thoughts on “Shannon Rogers – Maryland, US”

  1. Stellar mouldings and great pictures, Shannon. Done like a pro! Thanks for sharing – your work is an inspiration to us all.

  2. Bob Rankin said:

    Nice finish on those profiles. Was any sanding done on the mouldings or was that clean face done with the plane blades alone?

    I love the planing stop screws, it reminds me of a few pages out of the Schwarz book I’m reading

  3. I really like your results and you encourage me to try some moulding planes.

  4. Hi Shannon,

    Nice profiles….do you have one you prefer over others? Better watch out, you’re going to find yourself “decorating” lots of simple boxes!


  5. Shannon,

    Are you using a spacer on your sticking board? Is that to keep the plane a little further away from the fence? Or is there a different reason for that?

    • Ethan, no spacer. What you are seeing is the back of the same piece. There is a rabbet sunk into the back top corner as this was the plinth moulding for a tea caddy.

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