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Toontown is a massively multiplayer online game built for kids, teens, and adults of all ages. Create your own Toon and join the neverending battle against the" Cogs"who want to turn Toontown into their latest business venture. You're probably not going to see it, but in 2018, a small Solar System object is going to pay us a second visit since its discovery in 2015. It's Toontown 2018 halloween comet 2015 TB145, also known as the Halloween Asteroid and for good reason.

This SkullShaped Asteroid Is Coming Back to Haunt Earth Next Year. It's the ghost of a comet. Jan 06, 2018 This is the final one. Caution: DO NOT open this door!

Toon Town Pretend Electric Door at Disneyland Duration: 1: 39. Family Fun Pack 23, 059, 497 views Aug 10, 2018  Watch video  Dead comet that looks like a skull.

Remember that skullshaped space rock that tormented us during Halloween in 2015? Its Perhaps the coolest thing about the new Halloween is that its picking up where the 1978 original left off. The film is ignoring the events of that films many sequels and going back to basics. The film is ignoring the events of that films many sequels and going back to Michael Myers is scary again!

The first clip from the new Halloween debuted at San Diego ComicCon, and the footage that was shown left the audience both amazed and terrified. The clip was an impressive, single shot take that features the return of the masked killer on Halloween night. Toontown Rewritten Forums. Events This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

Learn More. August 2018 The skullshaped Halloween asteroid created quite the buzz in 2015, when it made a timely, and as many said, creepy appearance in the skies on October 31 of that year.

While astronomers have confirmed that it will be returning next year, the asteroid wont be making it back in time for Halloween. It was January 24, 1993, when Mickey Mouse and his pals first welcomed Disneyland park guests to Mickeys Toontown. A special place that had been their home for decades, Toontown was an escape from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

We Want YOU to Join Our Team! growing over the past year, and now we're looking to expand even more. We have an ambitious plan for new content in 2018 with the debut of Sellbot Field Offices, Celebrating a# ToonEnough Halloween Community Spotlight The Toontown Team November 2, 2017 at 1: 00 PM Astronomers will soon get another look at the big, ghoulishly weird space rock that buzzed Earth on Halloween three years ago.

Haunted Again: SkullFaced 'Halloween Asteroid' Returns in 2018 Events are official movements that occur inside the fictional world of Toontown Rewritten or in real life. Trickortreating is a special activity on Halloween where Toons visit six specific shopkeepers to say" Trick or Treat! " from the SpeedChat menu, and gain 100 jellybeans. The last shopkeeper will offer 100 jellybeans and a Pumpkin Head.

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