White ice halloween contact lenses

Halloween Best Sellers. Just like a page from a witch's spellbook, we've got the lenses you need to create Halloween magic. From colorful anime creatures to bloodsucking vampires, our special effects contacts make bad dreams come true.

Halloween contact lenses have become the must have accessory for both die hard fans and enthusiasts of the annual shindig. Celebrated by more than 60 of the American population, Halloween is the only time of year youll see your friends, family and colleagues transform into a gruesome bunch of bloody thirsty vampires, fearsome The Daily White Colored Contact Lenses are the perfect pair to give you that seriously scary finish for Halloween.

These white contacts feature a completely white iris and black pupil to create an eery white eye without affecting your own vision. White Ice Halloween Contact Lenses can be used for 60 days and are genuine nonprescription crazy lenses suitable for the use on all eyes, they only change the color or pattern of your eyes leaving everything else as it is untouched for perfect special effects which is suitable for you.

Walking Dead Halloween Contact Lens. Walking Dead contact lenses are super realistic and have a milky white and glossy overlay. This white glossy effect makes the eye look as though you have become infected and are ready to roam the streets looking for your next victim. contact lenses for Halloween change your eyes using contacts into a zombie, vampire, ghost or any other Halloween ghoul, great for special effects can be used for 120 days Halloween Contact Lenses 1 96 of 160 items page 1 of 2 Top selling Basic White contact lenses give your eyes bloodcurdling look to your eyes, each lens White Ice Halloween Contact Lenses are suitable for most eyes, all lenses can be worn for up to 60 days and can be kept for a 12 month period, this pair of Halloween contact lenses White ice halloween contact lenses no added vision powers which means The Ice Zombie lens is an opaque white theatrical contact lens with an undead spikey black ring creeping up on your iris.

It completely masks the color of your iris, leaving only the pupil exposed. ExtremeSFX's compilation of white Halloween contacts contains every lens you need to grant your eyes the ghastly glow they need for any phantasmal costume! Here you will find an assortment of white contact lenses for every taste and style, including our creepy, wraithlike" Blind" white out contact lenses.

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