Catholic views on halloween

Oct 31, 2014 A brief overview about the Christian and secular roots of Halloween in America and Europe, and contemporary culture's distortion of the popular holiday's history. The usual Catholic solution to The Problem of Halloween is to organize saints day celebrations on October 31 in anticipation of the solemnity of All Saints on the following day.

Children are redirected from dressing up in scary costumesdevils, ghosts, and skeletonsto dressing as a favorite saint. A chief provider and curator of Catholic information on the web since 1996.

Our editorial voice, always faithful to the teachings of the Church, assists and inspires Catholic A new backlash against Halloween by nonCatholic Christians began in the 1980's, in part because of claims that Halloween was the" Devil's Night, " in part because of urban legends about poisons and razor blades in Halloween candy, and in part because of an explicit opposition to Catholicism.

Hidden Lake is home to an incredible Catholic community, gorgeous views, welcoming meeting spaces and so much more. Catholic Answers to Your Halloween Questions. If we avoid Halloween, we miss out on this rich, Catholic, symbolism of our death.

Its not an evil holiday, its a Christian one. Someone tell Party City. The Vatican attempted to put a brake on the growing popularity of Halloween yesterday, branding it antiChristian and dangerous. The condemnation follows criticism from Catholic bishops who this Halloween's origins are, in fact, very Christian.

Halloween falls on October 31 because of a Pope, and its observances are the result of medieval Catholic piety. It's Time for Catholics to Embrace Halloween by Fr.

Steve Grunow October 30, 2017 As we near All Hallows Eve, aka Halloween, we fired some questions at the walking encyclopedia that is Father Steve Grunow, and he responded with everything you ever wanted to know about Halloween and its deeply Catholic roots.

Today many families, and even parishes, hold group celebrations, often with costumes of the saints, the poor souls or famous Catholics (such as the Pope, Mother Teresa or the like) and other elements which reenforce the Christian side of Halloween's origins. Halloween is short for All Hallows Eve. It is the vigil of All Saints (All Hallows) Day. All Saints Day is a Holy Day of Obligation, and thus a major feast on the Catholic Churchs liturgical calendar.

Halloween (October 31st) is connected with All Saints Day (November 1st) and All Souls Day Denver, CO (Catholic Online)" It was the kind of neighborhood outside of Philadelphia where everybody knew each other, and it was a really fun neighborhood thing, " Cunningham told CNA.

" People were just out talking while kids were trick or treating, and it had been really nice up until that point

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