Wooden Bench Dogs


3/4 x 5

3/4 x 5″ Wooden Bench Dogs

Our bench dogs are the perfect bench accessory – just ask any of the thousands of woodworkers who use them in their own benches.

I was at WIA and got a couple of your dogs and happened to pull one out today and use it and thought “WOW these are GREAT!”

– Stew H.

Time Warp Bench Dogs are made of kiln-dried, quartersawn ash which is both plenty strong to immobilize the workpiece and soft enough to avoid causing any dents.  Just as importantly, cutting edges aren’t affected in the least when they accidentally hit the dog.  A sprung ball catch allows the dogs to hold their vertical position.

Hi Chris, got the bench dogs Sat. 5 May, been using them ever since. For years I have been using brass dogs, love them, yet was always a little worried about nicking plane blades, never did but was always on my mind. I have made my own wooden dogs but was never satisfied, wanted to try yours once I saw them. So far really like them. Thank you.– Dave Ray

Our bench dogs are finely crafted and carefully assembled in our own facilities, then hand-inspected before shipment. Here are the details that make our dogs the best available:

  1. Our dogs are tough. We select only the finest ash, chosen for its strength and flexibility.
  2. Our dogs stay put. A spring-loaded catch applies light pressure in the 3/4″ diameter dog hole to keep it at the height you set it at, while allowing easy adjustments.
  3. Our dogs make your work stay put. Their faces are slightly bevelled inwards so that when pressure is applied, they work to keep your workpiece firmly on the bench.
  4. Our dogs are strong. The flat faces of the dogs are cut in the quartersawn surfaces for maximum strength.
  5. Our dogs are long. Their generous length means that their tails protrude below the surface of your workbench, making it easy to rotate, raise, lower or remove them from below the bench.

4th Generation 5″-Long Bench Dogs for 3/4″ Holes

4th Generation 7″-Long Bench Dogs for 1″ Holes

If you are ordering from Canada, please contact us for Canadian pricing.

RUFF!  Bench dogs are some of the handiest things you can have for your workbench…  Many of these bench dogs are metal.  And, should you plane past the edge of your work and your plane iron hits the metal dog, well, get ready to do some serious sharpening.And, if you really crank down on the pressure to hold the work down, metal dogs are more likely to mar the face of the board they bear against.

That’s why wooden dogs are preferred… and that’s where the folks at Time Warp Tools can help.

– Tom Iovino