Woodworking In America 2012 (Draft)

Last year’s Woodworking In America (WIA) conference was the woodworking highlight of the year for us. It was a busy show and a total immersion in woodworking.

This year, we’ll be sharing a booth with our good friends of Modern Woodworkers Association (MWA).  I (Chris Wong) will be at the WIA West Coast in Pasadena, California October 12-13 hanging out in the MWA booth with Chris Atkins and Nick Roulleau of MWA.  Once again, we will have freebies to give away.

One of the highlights of WIA 2011 was the Hand Tool Olympics, a friendly competition testing your hand-tool skills.  We are trying to organize enough volunteer manpower to make it happen this year in Pasadena.  From the MWA blog:

MWA has been working with Popular Woodworking on possibly helping out with a Hand Tool Olympics event at Woodworking in America in Pasadena next month.  The final question on if we can pull this off is staffing.  If you will be attending WIA in Pasadena this year or live in the area and would like to help out send me an e-mail highrockwoodworking@gmail.com.  I know that everyone attending will be wanting to get the most out of the show but if you think you can spare an hour or two each day (or more), then please let me know.

Tom Iovino and Dyami Plotke will be representing MWA at WIA Midwest in Cincinnati, Ohio and they will also have free goodies from us at Time Warp Tool Works and Modern Woodworkers Association.