Mousehunt halloween theme scrap 2

Oct 21, 2013  Halloween theme scrap is drop from Halloween Treasure Map Guide How to Iceberg Jacob Mailbag mousehunt MouseHunt 4th Birthday Event mousehunt birday MouseHunt Birthday MouseHunt Event MouseHunt Event Guide MouseHunt FBF MouseHunt Feedback Friday MouseHunt Giveaway MouseHunt Guide MouseHunt Oct 21, 2013 Undead theme scrap I is drop from Titanic BrainTaker boss Undead theme scrap III can be purchased from the general store in Haunted Terrortories Undead theme scrap II is drop from either Undead Halloween Treasure Map Reward By default, a hunter has access to the Classic MouseHunt theme, and other themes can be unlocked by having certain items in the inventory.

Themes are selected by clicking on the hunter's profile (the shield to the left of the Camp button), then the Spheniscine's Mousehunt Walkthrough.

MHG Search Back to index. Event Appendix: Something Swampy This Way Comes! (Halloween 2012) On October 17, 2012, the Something Swampy This Way Comes It may drop the Terrifying Spider Trap, the Halloween Theme Scrap I, Collect and combine all three scraps of this Spooky Halloween theme to secure your journal from scary spirits!

The Halloween Theme was available during last year's event, so you may already have it. If you don't, here's how to get it: If you don't, here's how to get it: The first scrap is a loot drop from the Swamp Thang mouse. Mousehunt Timers Timers for Maps and Event Info Haunted Territories Return to Gnawnia!

(self. mousehunt) submitted 2 years ago by TheRealBaws. Rift Halloween Theme Scrap I; Combine this scrap with two others found as loot while using Extra Spooky Charms to create a new, spooky Rift journal theme! Collect all three journal theme scraps to create a hauntingly out of this world journal theme.

Events in MouseHunt are special occasions when special event mice are released into the game. Some events have become annual celebrations, others are unique, but a fun time is had by all. Rift Halloween Theme Scrap II, Rift Halloween Theme Scrap III, and Rift Halloween Journal Theme; An event Cartographer and two new scroll cases:

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