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Treehouse of Horror XXVIII is the fourth episode of Season 29 and the 28th annual Halloween special from the Treehouse of Horror series. The opening sequence features the Simpson family as candy bars on Halloween night while trying to avoid getting eaten. " Treehouse of Horror XVIII" was the eighteenth Halloween episode and the fifth episode of the nineteenth season. This is one of several Simpsons episodes which are considered anthology episodes that features ministories. Promotional picture for the episode.

" Treehouse of Horror XVIII" is a Halloweenthemed episode from the Simpsons halloween xviii season of the animated comedy series The Simpsons. It was first broadcast in the United States on the Fox Network on November 4, 2006. Nov 05, 2006 the Simpsons tree house of horror episodes best to worst Title: Treehouse of Horror XVII (05 Nov 2006) 7 10. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site?

Use the HTML below. This Halloween special was really not very good. I found last years to be rather bland, but this one was worse. 92 rows  This is a list of Treehouse of Horror episodes produced by the animated " Treehouse of Horror XVIII" is the eighteenth Halloween episode of the animated sitcom The Simpsons, first broadcast on November 4, 2007.

It was written by Marc Wilmore and directed by Chuck Sheetz. The first Treehouse of Horror episode aired in 1990 as part of the second season, and its onscreen title was" The Simpsons halloween xviii Halloween Special. " It was inspired by EC Comics Horror tales. Although every episode is entitled" Treehouse of Horror"the first one was the only episode that actually used the treehouse motif.

During production of the first Oct 18, 2016 Originally uploaded on October 18th, 2015 This is the end credits to the eighteenth Treehouse of Horror which premiered on November 4, 2007 and it's also the fifth episode of season 19.

Nov 04, 2007 However with that said, this was still a great episode and the best Halloween special over the last few years. One thing that actually makes it better, is all the stories focus on the Simpsons family with no special guest stars. For the continuing series of Halloween specials, see Treehouse of Horror Series. " Treehouse of Horror XVIII" is the fifth episode of season 19, and was the eighteenth Halloween episode.

For the continuing series of Halloween specials, see Treehouse of Welcome to The Collected Treehouse of Horror III, featuring the Simpsons Annual Treehouse of Horrors III, VI, IX, XII, XV, and XVIII. A lot of Roman numerals, and what do they add up to besides LXIII?

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