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The music video for English recording artist M. I. A. 's" Born Free" was directed by Romain Gavras. The video, which depicts a genocide against red haired people, beat a couple engaged in coitus, and then force a young redhaired man violently into a detainee transport vehicle. Other redheads are rounded up. In the nineminute video for Born Free, a song on M. I.

A. s upcoming album, riot police storm an apartment building and round up all the redheaded males. During the raid, the police burst in on a middleaged couple having sex and traumatize them. The controversial video, directed by Romain Gavras son of political filmmaker Costa Gavras also features scenes of nudity and a child being shot in the head.

Young French director Romain Gavras is responsible for a couple of the most controversial, shocking music video of the past few years, but hes only just begun. Now that his latest work, the " Happy Halloween! " The idea for the video came about after MIA began ribbing Diplo about his naturally red hair. Roman Gavras and MIA made it with their own money, without telling her record label, XL. Romain Gavras is the son of director and producer Costa Gavras, who is best known for his numerous French films including 2012s Captial.

The upcoming Directors Fortnight, as part of the Cannes Film Festival, begins May 9. Your analysis is the best I've seen so far, touching on just about everything I thought as I watched the video, however fleeting or concrete.

While" Paper Planes" made her more visible, I would hesitate to call M. I Directed by Romain Gavras (of MIA Born Free notoriety), a gang of hood rats from the banlieue the desolate and poor areas on the edge of French cities

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