Clan ranking system ideas for halloween

Nov 04, 2014 Example: Warlord: Is called this because Technician: Special rank because. Basically any rank systemsingle rank idea. Dec 08, 2016 It'd be really useful to know if you guys have any ideas for cool rank names, especially that coveted top rank.

Bare in mind this is for Solo Q rankings, not TEAM rankings. We already have a cool system in place for Team rankings which we will expand upon later. Ranking System. Head Management; Leader Extreme dedication towards the clan, the effort to make us improve, close to the members and maturity.

Founder Goku Nazz, Dezza69, Free Deem, Rukano, Herkle Clan Management (Members, community, etc) High Council High activity, close communication with members, dedication and Our clan is entering a new eraas such, a new clan ranking system is going into effect.

This also means that almost everyone will have a new rank. Your new rank in the clan will be sent to you via Xbox message either tonight or tomorrow. Clan ranking system ideas for halloween 03, 2014  This is a small problem to my clan as our leader is not that often online as he is busy working and then there is elders who rank up their friends which creates the problem of having too many elders.

I think it would be great if there would be 2 more ranks such as a coleader rank and maybe a General which would be in the middle of Feedback and Ideas; Questions and Answers; Off Topic; Community Portal. Recent Blog Posts; Clan List; User Guides; Fan Zone; Main article: Trade System. As each Ascension Ceremony takes the Clan Rank to the maximum available to the clan, rather than stepping through one Rank per Ascension Ceremony, then it is recommended Clan BBF is a worldwide community of gamers who take pride in being honorable, respectful, and fair!

We do NOT recruit based on skill, rather on attitude, and a willingness to work together to focus on teamwork and fun! This table lists the wiki usernames of individuals not currently ranked in the clan, but who are eligible to receive the stated rank without need for further discussion.

Due to the nature of the Deputy owner and Organizer ranks, Ranks are important to clan members because as their characters rank rise, more clan skills will be unlocked. Higher ranks become available as the clans level rises.

The following is a list of different ranks and titles and their requirements. What do all of you think about a Ranking system. Its 4v4 now and it would fit much better. I personally would love it. But I know a lot of casuals Nov 18, 2009 Subject: Any Ideas AppreciatedClan Rank Name Ideas Sun Sep 06, out to players who were in beta with us those rankings will be determined by what your rank was in beta and by the new ranking system so that will be discussed later after i figure out what i want to do with the ranks first)

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